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Dangerous Goods (ADR)

Dangerous Goods (ADR) are materials or items with hazardous properties, which represent a potential hazard to human health and safety, the infrastructure and/or their means of transport.

Transporting ADR (dangerous) goods is an activity with a certain specificity, due to its nature and type. The persons, who are authorized to carry out ADR transportation must be well trained for this task. According to the agreement signed with Europe, Bulgaria is also subject to the control of the transport of dangerous goods. As a term, this is an ADR certificate that every driver of such a vehicle must possess. The company "ALMIRK“ has all the necessary certificates, trained drivers and vehicles, specially adapted for the successful transport of any ADR goods.

The company "ALMIRK“ carries out surface transport from Bulgaria to Italy and from Italy to Bulgaria of оdangerous goods in accordance with the national and international regulations of the ADR (European Agreement for the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road) . The transport of (dangerous goods) ADR is controlled and managed by various regulatory regimes, acting on both national and international levels.

The company "ALMIRK“ is an approved ADR carrier and can provide any land transport solutions for dangerous goods from Bulgaria to Italy and from Italy to Bulgaria.

For each ADR shipment to be successfully transported, it must be accompanied by the following documents:

  • ADR declarations
  • MSDS declaration – a technical document providing information on the product, storage and use, safety measures
  • IMO declaration, if the route of the shipment is by water /eg shipment to England/.